Dusseldorf - Djerba
2 adults - 7 nights
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Mon, 04.10.21 21:25DUS (23kg)
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Mon, 11.10.21 16:30DJE (23kg)
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Standard Room (Promotion), Half board
price per person430 €
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Hotel Sidi Mansour Resort & Spa

Tunisia, Island of Djerba


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The hotel Sidi Mansour Resort & SPA is situated in the vicinity of the hotel?s own sandy beach, linked by a free shuttle service. The nearest town is Houmt Souk. In the vicinity of the hotel are a number of shopping facilities and a supermarket. In the evening, you can go dancing in a nightclub in the hotel’s surroundings. The following attractions can be reached from the hotel: Potery Village Guellala, Jewish Synagogue and Museum And Parc Djerba Explore. For mobility there is a taxi rank , a bus stop and a car rental company.

Hygiene and safety measures
In order to protect the health of the guests, the following hygiene and protective measures are taken in the hotel: Compliance of the WHO recommendations and local laws, trained and equipped staff with hygiene and protection measures, safe access with sanitary controls to suppliers and employees, staff replacement policy, adapted capacities and flows in common areas to ensure social distancing, hand sanitizer available in all areas, intense cleaning and disinfection protocols for all areas, in-house medical services, luggage transportation by the guest (incl. luggage disinfection), disinfection carpets at main door, restaurant space adapted to ensure social distancing, minimum 2m distance between tables at restaurants, new additional adapted outdoor dining areas, buffet alternatives (Show-Cooking), intensification control in chlorination levels and disinfection protocols for pools, minimum 2m between sun beds, additional adapted chill-out/ relaxation areas, additional space for families at pools, hand sanitizer available for guests, guest infection policy, temperature control measures for guests, clean and sanitized rooms, intensification of disinfection / cleaning protocols, daily room disinfection, housekeeping staff equipped with self-protecting gear, 2x per week change of towels, ensured social distancing at Kids Club, hygiene protocols and control access at Kids Club (reservation only), adapted activities at Kids Club, reduced groups at Kids Club, controlled access at Spa and wellness (reservation only), enhanced hygiene protocols ensured at Spa and Wellness, adapted Spa and Wellness relax areas as well as adapted Spa / Wellness treatments. The hotel has already been awarded a local seal of approval for extensive protective measures after appropriate testing.


Partially renovated in 2014, the 2-storey spa hotel has 269 rooms. It is equipped with a 24h reception, a lobby with bar, a lift, an air conditioning, a coiffeur, a kiosk, a mini market, various other shops, a parking area (for free) as well as a money changing facility. For the meals, there is a restaurant (air-conditioned). In a total 3 bars, you can relax in the evening in good company. An Internet access is available for free. Laundry service and medical service are available for a fee.


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Departure flight
Mon, 04.10.21 21:25, DUS
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Mon, 11.10.21 16:30, DJE
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23kg checked baggage included
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